Each single township has four (4) Trustees elected at large. They, with the Supervisor, comprise the Township Board of Trustees. Each board member, including the Supervisor, has one vote.

Generally speaking, the Township Board is the legislative branch of township government, which establishes policy for the Township to follow. Policies established by the Township Board are generally carried out by the Supervisor and Clerk in their capacities as administrators. The Township Board may not establish policies for either the Township Assessor or the Highway Commissioner.

The Township Trustees are responsible for certifying tax levies for the Township and Road Districts. In the case of the Road District, the amount of the levy is to be determined by the Highway Commissioner. The Township Board of Trustees is also responsible for adopting the annual budget and appropriation ordinance for the Township, General Assistance, and Road and Bridge funds. Further, the Trustees are responsible for approving all Township expenses and auditing bills submitted for payment by the Highway Commissioner.

The Trustees have an obligation to approve all legally incurred bills to the extent there is an appropriation for the expenditure. Conversely, the Trustees have an obligation to reject for payment, all bills, including those for the Road District that are not legally incurred debt.

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