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Sitso Luh Nutsukpui
Township Trustee

Mrs. Nutsukpui has a Bachelor’s degree of Education from The University of Cape Coast, Ghana. She came to SIUE and achieved a Master’s degree in Mass Communications. She has worked in radio broadcasting presenting and producing the news, programs and music. During part of those broadcasting years, she mentored city youth who dropped out of high school and taught them basic communication skills. Also, she was an educator in special education, lower elementary and preschool levels. Currently, she works at Madison County Community Development with assistance programs like LIHEAP & ERAP, programs that the Township has processed for years.

In terms of community service she is currently on Glen Carbon Events Committee, Edwardsville School District’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, she is a member of the Edwardsville NAACP, has been involved in several school PTOs, among many others. She also serves as State Volunteer Coordinator for the Selective Mutism Association. Nutsukpui is also Spearheading the call for change in our school system where every child feels safe, welcome and valued in the school environment.

Sitso (pronounced See-cho) and her husband, Bernard Nutsukpui, have two children.

Fun facts: She speaks four languages, cooks quite a bit, loves watching TV and hanging out with friends.