Supervisor’s Office

The Township Supervisor is the chief executive officer of the township. The Supervisor serves as supervisor of general assistance and chairman of the Township Board of Trustees. Unlike a Mayor or Village Board President, the Supervisor may vote on all matters before the township board. Generally speaking, other chief executive government officers may vote only to break a tie. In this regard the Supervisor serves as a Trustee and may make or second motions, participate in all legislative discussion and should exercise voting power on all issues before the board.

In accordance with 60 ILCS 1/70-15, the Supervisor has numerous financial reporting responsibilities, is the Treasurer of all Township funds, and is the Ex Officio Treasurer of the Road and Bridge funds.

The Supervisor maintains sole jurisdiction over the general assistance office and may employ necessary workers without prior approval of the Township Board of Trustees. Salaries must be appropriated by ordinance from the general assistance budget. In administering the Township’s general assistance programs, the Supervisor adheres to standards approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services, as well as to local Township General Assistance requirements as adopted by the Township Board.

The Supervisor’s Office is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

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