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Jennifer Hegel
Township Assessor

Mrs. Hegel has been a resident of Edwardsville for over thirteen (13) years.  She has been married for twenty-two (22) years and has a son in the Edwardsville school district.  She started working at the Edwardsville Township Assessors office in May of 2017. When the previous Assessor, Judy Klopmeier, chose to retire, Mrs. Hegel decided to run for the office to continue serving the Edwardsville township residents in a new role.

“I have always been proud of the way we run the office, and how we help so many residents with their exemptions and forms.  It was a natural transition to run for Assessor as Judy Klopmeier had so many efficient systems in place and a great staff.  I just hope to continue to build the same rapport with our residents and keep our assessments consistent and accurate with market value.”

Mrs. Hegel also enjoys spending time with her pets and family, doing crafts, and reading.