Township Assessor

Judy Klopmeier's head shot
Judy Klopmeier
Township Assessor

Mrs. Klopmeier has been a resident of Edwardsville for many years. She is currently the Assessor for Edwardsville Township, having been elected in 2006; this is her third (3) term. “My experience led me to believe that I was the best person qualified to take over the position of my former employer.” Mrs. Klopmeier has been involved in property assessments for more than thirty-five (35) years, with her first position as Deputy Assessor in Fort Russell Township in 1976. She joined the Edwardsville Township Assessor’s Office in 1982. In addition to her service to township government, Mrs. Klopmeier has also donated her time and skills to St. Mary’s Church throughout the years.

The accomplishment that Mrs. Klopmeier is most proud of the Township for is keeping taxes low for residents. “When assessments are completed they are sent off to the County for review and then to the State for review. If the State determines the assessments to be consistent and accurate with market value then a multiplier of one (1) is issued. This keeps taxes low because if a higher multiplier is issued because of assessments being less than market value then taxes get raised. We have been able to secure a multiplier of one (1) for five (5) years!”

A few fun facts about Mrs. Klopmeier is that she loves to read and play golf. She is also a devoted St. Louis Cardinals fan – GO CARDS!!