The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to assist eligible low-income households pay for winter and summer energy services. LIHEAP will provide a one-time benefit to eligible households to be used for energy bills. The amount of the payment is determined by income, household size, and fuel type. An overdue bill or cut-off notice is not required in order to receive assistance.

Reconnection assistance may be available through Madison County Community Development, 618-296-6485.

In light of the current government impasse, the State has proposed a few changes regarding the LIHEAP Program. These are the proposed changes in the case that we do not receive our State funds before the start of the program year:

  • The LIHEAP Program will start on September 1st for the senior and disabled population.
  • October 1st for families with children the age of five (5) or younger will be added to the population. The child must be under the age of six (6) on the date of the appointment. Reconnection (Emergency Assistance) will start for all households on this date as well.
  • November 1st the general population will be able to apply.

Application Requirements:

You must be a resident of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Hamel, Marine, or Alhambra to apply at Edwardsville Township. Other residents can locate their intake office by calling 618-296-6485.

Your thirty (30) day income must be less than:

  • $1,485 for a one (1) person household
  • $2,003 for a two (2) person household
  • $2,520 for a three (3) person household
  • $3,038 for a four (4) person household
  • $3,555 for a five (5) person household

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of gross income from all household members for the thirty (30) day period prior to application date;
  • A copy of current heat and electric bills (if you pay for your home energy directly);
  • Proof of Social Security Numbers of all household members;
  • Proof of Medical Eligibility Card if a member of the household receives TANF assistance; and
  • Proof of rent if the household energy bills are included in the rent.