Assessor’s Office

The Assessor’s responsibilities include mass appraisal of all taxable property within the Township. The Assessor locates, identifies, and appraise all taxable property, in accordance with the state laws and administrative procedures, while maintaining current information on the ownership and characteristics of property.

Mass appraisal requires the Assessor to perform three (3) fundamental yet vital duties: discover, list and value all new construction within the jurisdiction; ensure that existing property is valued at the appropriate statutory level of market value; and assure that similar property is valued in a uniform manner. Assessor’s must determine the market value of all taxable property, which is then assessed at 33 1/3 percent of that value.

In order to fulfill these duties, the Assessor and staff must annually determine what properties are being altered and visit each to collect data for use in determining market value for new construction. the Assessor and staff reports changes to county officials, established homestead exemptions, and responds to complaints about assessments.



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