Rules & Policies

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The following is not allowed within
Edwardsville Township Community Park:

  • Alcohol is NOT allowed
  • Amplified sound is NOT allowed
  • Solicitation or sale of items is NOT allowed
  • Bonfires and open flames are NOT allowed, except in provided grills
  • Parking and/or driving on the grass, athletic fields, and pathways is NOT allowed
  • Permanently fastening or attaching (staples, tacks, nails, screws) any rope, sign, banner, or flyer or other object to any tree, shrub, or park feature is NOT allowed(must be temporarily secured with tape, string, or ribbon, and completely removed after the event)
  • Animals of any kind (including dogs) is NOT allowed; HOWEVER, service dogs with proper identification are always welcome
  • Weapons, missiles, or fireworks are NOT allowed
  • Unlicensed vehicles are NOT allowed
  • Annoyances or disturbances are NOT allowed
  • Posters, placards, or advertisements are NOT allowed
  • Golf is NOT allowed
  • Flying or model airplanes are NOT allowed
  • Concession stands are NOT allowed
  • For-Profit activities are NOT allowed
  • Dumping grease on the grass or in the dumpster is NOT allowed
  • Water related sports/activities such as pools and slides are NOT allowed
  • Bounce houses are NOT allowed

Additional rules are as follows:

  • Reservation holders will be held financially responsible for damage or abuse to pavilions, tables, or other equipment that appear to be beyond normal wear
  • Amenities and event features are provided at the sole expense and risk of the Event Organizer
  • Costs incurred in acquiring necessary permits, certifications, plans, insurance, and all other documentation, as required by the Township, are the sole expenses and risk of the Event Organizer
  • Vehicles will be parked in designated parking areas only
  • All park users shall clean up after their function; refuse to be deposited in trash containers
  • All sports to be held in designated areas only
  • Picnics shall be held in designated areas only
  • Your cooperation in maintaining the restrooms will be greatly appreciated
  • Non-profit organizations will be charged full fees
  • Fees will be refunded, or applied to a future reservation, for inclement weather        (within 7 days) or cancellation of your event four (4) weeks in advance.

Rules may be revised at any time. Edwardsville Township does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital, veteran or disabled status in its services, programs, or policies.