Clerk’s Office

The Township Clerk is keeper of all Township records except for active general assistance cases. The Clerk is required to keep accurate records of all Township board meetings and maintain records of the Board’s executive sessions. (Statue requires these minutes be reviewed every six months.) The Clerk is also the clerk for the Township, the Board of Trustees, and Ex Officio clerk for the Highway Commissioner. Also, the Clerk is an non-voting member of the Township Board of Trustees. However, the Clerk is entitles to cast one vote in the case of a tie vote to fill a vacancy in a Township office.

During Township board meetings the Clerk records roll call votes. (Certain questions require roll call votes, such as appointments to fill vacancies, establishing salaries, etc. Other votes can be taken by voice. Secret ballots are never permitted on any issue facing the township board.) The Clerk also serves as the local election authority and is responsible for accepting petitions concerning Township elections and/or referendums. In this capacity, the Clerk is responsible for publishing or posting certain specific notices, including notices for the Highway Commissioner.

The Township Clerk must give notice of the time and place of annual and special Township meetings by posting written or printed notices in three (3) of the most public places in the Township at least ten (10) days before the meeting and by at least one (1) publication in a newspaper, if there is an English language newspaper published in the Township. The notice must set forth the agenda, as approved by the Township Board of Trustees. The Township Clerk accepts and files the Annual Supervisor’s Report and posts a copy of the statement at the place of the annual Township meeting two (2) days before the meeting is held. The Clerk then reads the statement aloud at the annual Township meeting.

The Clerk may administer oaths and take affidavits in all cases required by law to be administered or taken by Township officials. The Clerk shall annually certify to the County Clerk the amount of taxes required to be raised for all Township purposes and must be present at all bid openings for both the Township and the Road District. The Clerk is also responsible for placing the advertisement of bids at least once in the newspaper. The Township Clerk must approve the Supervisor’s bond as well. The bond is filed in the Township Clerk’s office with the Clerk’s approval endorsed on it.


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