Pavilion Reservation

Park Pavilion Reservations

Edwardsville Township provides exclusive use for all pavilions at Township Park. Reservations are made in person at the Township Office by interested parties. For any reservations that will have more than 75 guests, a special event permit is required (see below). Please keep in mind that the Township office accepts CASH or CHECK or CREDIT CARD (with a $2 processing fee for cards). Fees for reserving the sites are as follows:

Township Resident Fees:

Pavilion #1 – $100
Pavilion #2 – $60
Pavilion #3 – $60
Pavilion #4 – $30
Pavilion #5 – $25
Pavilion #6 – $60
Pavilion #7 – $25
Pavilion #8 – $25

Non-Resident Fees:

Pavilion #1 – $150
Pavilion #2 – $110
Pavilion #3 – $110
Pavilion #4 – $50
Pavilion #5 – $35
Pavilion #6 – $110
Pavilion #7 – $35
Pavilion #8 – $35

Updated Park Map

For residents, organizations or businesses within Edwardsville Township only. Residency must be verified at time of rental and may be determined by one of the following methods:

  • driver’s license with current address within Edwardsville Township
  • voter registration card identifying registered voter of Edwardsville Township
  • a current utility bill in resident’s name with current utility service address within Edwardsville Township and a current government-issued photo ID

Pavilion Reservation Form


Reservation fees are refunded in the event of inclement weather or if you provide cancellation notice in writing to the Township office at least four (4) weeks prior to the event.

Special Event Permit

A special event permit will be required for any activity with more than seventy-five (75) guests in attendance regardless of the facilities used AND must be submitted to Edwardsville Township ninety (90) days prior. There is a non-refundable fee of $50 for all special event permits; however if the permit is denied, the $50 will be returned.

Special Event Permit FAQ

Special Event Permit Form

Fee Waiver Application

To request the waiver of facility reservation fees (pavilions, courts, rink or soccer field), the fee waiver application must be submitted to Edwardsville Township ninety (90) days prior to the requested event date. Fee waivers are available for facility reservation fees only, not for special event permit fees. Edwardsville Township reserves the right to require additional information or documentation regarding the applicant, applicant’s company/organization, or the event itself.

Fee Waiver Application Form

School Use Notification

The notification of school use form is to be completed and returned to the Edwardsville Township office. This notification will allow us to schedule maintenance at the Edwardsville Township Community Park to not interfere with your school activity. This procedure does not give you exclusive use of the park and is not considered a reservation. Edwardsville Township Community Park is a shared-use facility.

School Use Notification Form