Fun Kit Reservation

Park Fun Kits

Edwardsville Township offers four (4) different “Fun Kits” for free, however there is a $50 refundable deposit. If the Fun Kit is returned in acceptable condition, deposit will be refunded. If the Fun Kit is missing pieces, damaged beyond normal wear, or returned late, the deposit will be forfeited. Fun Kit rentals are for one (1) day only. Kits may be picked up after 8:30 am on the day of the rental, and must be returned by 12:30 pm the following day. If the rental is for a weekend date, Fun Kits may be picked up between 12:30-4:30pm on Friday and must be returned by 12:30 pm on Monday.

An info-graphic detailing what games and activities are located in each of the four fun kits available for rental from the Edwardsville Township office.

Fun Kit #1: Badminton, Volleyball, Nerf Football ($50 deposit)

Fun Kit #2: Bags, Whiffle Ball & Bases, Frisbee ($50 deposit)

Fun Kit #3: Ladder Golf, Kickball & Bases, Horseshoes ($50 deposit)

Fun Kit #4: Pickleball, Paddles, Net ($50 deposit)

Fun Kit Rental Form