Edwardsville Township FAQ’s

What does Edwardsville Township do?

What area does Edwardsville Township cover?

  • Edwardsville Township covers thirty-six (36) square miles and includes the City of Edwardsville, the City of Glen Carbon, and unincorporated areas in between and around the area.


Township General/Emergency Assistance FAQ’s

What is General Assistance?

  • A short-term safety net when between jobs or during illness.
  • A financial aid program for those who are not qualified for categorical assistance (state or federally funded aid).
  • Applicants must meet financial and non-financial factors for eligibility as contained in the Township’s General Assistance Handbook.

How do I qualify for assistance with the township?

  • Eligibility for aid is generally based on financial income and resources available.
  • In addition to being a resident of Edwardsville Township, information regarding you and your family, financial status, and registration with the Department of Employment Security will need to be provided.

What is required for General Assistance?

  • The applicant is not receiving General Assistance from another government unit.
  • The applicant is without dependent children and applying as a single adult case.
  • The applicant’s current available non-exempt income falls within the income guidelines.
  • The applicant is able to work and actively seeking employment – or – if applicant is unable to work, a physician statement is required.
  • EA eligibility is determined in the interview process.

How do I apply for assistance?

  • Bring your current Illinois Driver’s License or Identification Card and Social Security Card to pick up an application.
  • Applications for General Assistance Clients may be picked up during regular business hours, daily from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
  • Completed applications must be returned in person by appointment.
  • Emergency Assistance clients should call the office at 618-656-0292 for instructions.

When are landlord payments sent?

  • Payments are mailed directly to landlord on the Wednesday after a Town Board Meeting.