Previous Lunch & Learns

Edwardsville Township and the Glen/Ed Ministerial Alliance have hosted eight lunch and learn over the past two years.  Previous Lunch & Learn topics can be found below. If you were unable to attend a previous Lunch & Learn and would like information on one of the topic’s, please don’t hesitate to contact any organization within the Social Service Safety Net.

A special thank you to all of those who attended our most recent Lunch and Learn on the topic of Adult Trauma Resources




Opioid Use

Guest Presentation
Guest Presentation 2








Childhood Trauma Resources

Low Income Housing Resources

Lunch and Learn Services for Veterans                                                   Lunch and Learn Mental Health Resources
Services for Veterans                                                     Substance Abuse Resources

Lunch and Learn Substance Abuse                                                    Fall Forum
Mental Health Resources                                                              Fall Forum

Transportation Lunch and Learn                                                  Senior Care
Transportation Resources                                        Networking Event for Senior Care

domestic lunch and learn                                                  Ride and Learn 3-15
Domestic Violence Resources                                      Ride & Learn: Explore MCT